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Posted by Golia at Apr 15, 2018 4:47:54 PM
Re: Group furniture items in category
I really like the project
Thanks Lizard2k1
I am Italian and I have difficulties with English, I would like to add myself as a beta tester, I hope to be able to follow you.
I'm trying your project, but I do not understand how it filters the elements.
If I can suggest I would only filter the first part of the string, which could be a code to filter the categories, for example

first class (p = 56)
name # 1 = BaseAP56H72 from015
name # 2 = BaseAP56H72 from030
name # 3 = BaseAP56H72 from040
name # 4 = BaseAP56H72 from045

second category (p = 45)
name # 9 = BaseAP45H72 from015
name # 10 = BaseAP45H72 from030
name # 11 = BaseAP45H72 from040

I hope I have understood, the categories must be separated only by the first part of the string.
This is what I think.
Bye thank you!! Great