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Posted by okh at Mar 5, 2018, 5:20:32 PM
Re: Indicate price in furniture list
... attach prices to objects (furniture).
In DefaultFurnitureCatalog.PropertyKey.html PRICE, CURRENCY and VALUE_ADDED_TAX_PERCENTAGE are defined properties, but as of yet, there is no interface to access or display them. The topic and workarounds have been discussed before - for instance thread 1550. Adding price to the model name (preceded by some obscure sign that will let a spreadsheet put it in a separate column, or add price similarly separated in the INFORMATION property) are possible workarounds that do work pretty seamlessly, but I agree it would be very nice to be able to access more 'hidden' properties directly. The way enkonyito implemented access to the advanced rendering options in the Photo-video rendering plugin is attractive to me. Full access to advanced stuff with an ADVANCED button (even if I still struggle to understand them all).

Still I am a bit curious, it is possible to display the price column (adding <furnitureVisibleProperty name='PRICE'/> to Home.xml, but as far as I can tell, the column remains empty without listing the values that are in fact saved with a model: <pieceOfFurniture name='xxx' ... price='2.0' currency='EUR'/>. That makes me think that price (and other info) may appear in the interface one day - having no opinion as to whether it ought to be a priority.

And the bad news is that although I have indeed added price using the workaround, every project always has a tendency to become much more expensive than first planned anyway... smile