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Posted by Larz2 at Mar 5, 2018, 2:47:03 PM
Re: Indicate price in furniture list
I strongly support the bdfd's proposal to add the opportunity to attach prices to objects (furniture).

Prices should be added or changed in "Modify Furnitures properties".
Option to display the column in the "furniture list" should be added, and the list can then be exported to a CSV file and into a spreadsheet. Calculations of VAT, currency and totals can easily be done in a spreadsheet.

Price calculation will be a very useful feature for PRO users, who use SW3D to insert own objects from their own libraries. But "regular users" will also have use for prices, when inserting furnitures and designing rooms.

This price option/column may optionally be implemented in the paid version.

Please add this Price feature - thanks!

Best regards,