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Posted by enkonyito at Feb 16, 2018, 11:20:36 PM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
What about changing the Quality bar? we have only 4 options and it is huge, fast and best are taking a lot of space in addition to 1-2-3-4.... Maybe replace 1 and 4 with fast and best and keep 2 and 3 instead of replacing the whole component?

The goal of the plug-in is to stay visually close to the standard photo panel while providing new options.
Personally, I occasionally use quality level 1 (3D view without shadow) and one of the higher quality levels (3 or 4) with the setting of SunFlow rendering engine.

The lookAndFeel (that I did not understand why having that option, but maybe I missed some thread) should be a non frequent option to change (it is less important than picture size or quality, so it could stay in a "secondary" frame like advanced options, why not?

This option is not related to the rendering but I have integrated it in the photo panel in order to modify the appearance of the interface.
The other solution is to use a script for the installer version as shown here with "-Dswing.defaultlaf=".
Available Look and Feels:

I would put the elapsed time bar under the "Advanced settings / Enhance Brightness" line, just to separate what will change the resulting image and require a stop-create (over that line) and what is modifying in live the UI and the components shown (below the progress bar)

This may be possible (see previous central image).