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Posted by ndorigatti at Feb 16, 2018, 9:37:49 AM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
Heheheh I think it would be though... Java and Swing (programming language and UI components used here) are not the best to support responsive layouts...

I hope it is possible, but I have a few ideas/options for the developer:
- What about changing the Quality bar? we have only 4 options and it is huge, fast and best are taking a lot of space in addition to 1-2-3-4.... Maybe replace 1 and 4 with fast and best and keep 2 and 3 instead of replacing the whole component?

The lookAndFeel (that I did not understand why having that option, but maybe I missed some thread) should be a non frequent option to change (it is less important than picture size or quality, so it could stay in a "secondary" frame like advanced options, why not?
So we could have a new frame with:
Look and feel - Preview Picture Size - Any other option

And, this is completely IMHO, I would put the elapsed time bar under the "Advanced settings / Enhance Brightness" line, just to separate what will change the resulting image and require a stop-create (over that line) and what is modifying in live the UI and the components shown (below the progress bar), like lookandfeel.

Take this as some ideas from a developer that uses SH3D sometimes, and used a lot when planning a new home, so if you think is a stupid idea, feel free to tell it! biggrin biggrin