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Posted by okh at Jan 31, 2018, 1:27:25 PM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
Thanks for the file, Dorin. It is the same principle I use. Exploiting the set-to-invisible in the colour dialogue to hide/display construction elements e.g. for quick visualisation for a planning application: changing 30 plain windows to windows with glazing-bars. Quick to see just by hiding the glazing bar.

Using one model in different contexts can be handy, but sometimes I ponder whether it could make sense to make two catalogue entries for the same model; equip the model with different properties - for instance:

One set of properties:
name#1=Door glass 3p
model#1=/Door glass 3p/Door-glass-3p.obj

Then below, a seceond set of properties for the same model:
name#2=Door glass XXXXX2
model#2=/Door glass 3p/Door-glass-3p.obj
model#2=doorOrWindowSash....#.... etc

I have yet to decide whether this can be useful or confusing. Maybe for use with one staircase model but several entries: with different cutouts, with or without semi-transparent stair planIcon (I prefer being able to see through the stairs in the 2D plan, but not everyone would agree). ok