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Posted by okh at Jan 22, 2018 9:21:56 AM
Library information in Furniture Catalogue?
Information about model size in tooltip/mouseover in the Furniture catalogue is useful, it would have been nice also to see name of originating LIBRARY and whether it is an individually IMPORTED model, maybe even with DATE information;
  • When there is a need to change or optimise old models (thread 8252 and 8292 I have trouble finding out where the model comes from.
  • When rebuilding last year, I created a special library for that project with actual doors and windows and so on with links to product pages online. That was a consistent series and for that project I only used those products.
Judging from some forum posts, quite a few users have multiple libraries. Ideally, I would have liked to be able to check/uncheck which libraries to use at any given time. Yes there are workarounds, move certain libraries from the libraries folder and restart - or do some clever library editing using special categories, searchable tags/information or something - but still...

Just a thought.