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Posted by captainstarbuck at Jan 6, 2018, 5:53:28 AM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
I recently installed SW3D for the first time and created a model of our house. Love it! Thank you VERY much!

Running SW3D 5.6, JRE 1.9, Windows 8.1

Now I'm importing SH3F files from various sources, like furniture stores that provide models. After downloading hundreds of these files I found I was unable to use the default Import feature to import more than one file. So I ZIPped the files, and while the UI refreshes and says new objects were were imported, that's never the case.

So I found the FLE here, downloaded v1.21, and while it does accept multiple files, it doesn't import the data to SW3D with the same detail as just opening a .SH3F file.

So as a user I'd like to know if I'm missing anything, and how I can import hundreds of files (with FLE?) without doing it one at a time.

As a developer, I'm happy to do some diagnostics and even (with very limited time) get into code to try to help with this.

For an example of files that import differently, see the M2Italia furniture site.