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Posted by AeowynFraser at Oct 25, 2017 8:59:25 AM
Re: 3-Bedroom 2-bath 2-Story House
I've once again have gone back to this house and have done some updates. So far I've been able to get rendered photos of the front and back. I ended up making a separate file in order to take this; furnished, the file compresses to about 116.5MG! I'm still in the process of trying to get the inside, although the open floor plan for the Living Room/Dining/Kitchen along with the overlook has the file almost too large for the best renderings.

Aerial front.

Aerial back.

You can see I've changed the wood texture, changed the texture on some of the walls, made the chimney larger and taller, changed the front door, etc. I also made the grill in the back patio "built-in"; I've also made the back patio better.

I also realized that there's a bit of space over the Loft/Sewing Room that I can have as attic space!

Below are screenshots of each level (minus all the roofing).

Main floor.

Top floor.

Attic space.