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Posted by philjord at Sep 13, 2017 6:03:50 AM
Re: Editing a group of vertices
I've also noticed this particular feature would be nice.

I like the fact you've got into the code and actually understood why it is as it is now, put forward some good ideas and suggested you're willing to do the work to create a plugin, nice one.

From my perspective, I find the wall editing is just about sufficient for changing room sizes by vertex, but the issue I face is that the room doesn't expand/follow the changes.

Perhaps you could think about this in terms of a plugin that creates a tool called "refit room" (or something), such that when a room is clicked (or double clicked perhaps) the room automatically recalculates the perimeter based off enclosing walls and resets it points.

This code for room point calculation already exists, so it would be a very straight forward plugin to write.

An additional feature might be to ensure it doesn't overlap any other rooms, such that a area broken into two rooms with one set of enclosing walls remains consistent. For example a kitchen/dining room room plan with no wall between.

I'd find this tool very useful, and perhaps once bedded down a room could be tagged as "auto-fit" such that any touching wall adjustment causes it to re-calculate.