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Posted by suedinym at Jun 28, 2017, 3:21:15 AM
Re: Furniture Library Editor Beta released
I should deliver the default catalog as a SH3F file too. smile

At the moment, you can quite easily get rid of the default furniture catalog of Sweet Home 3D, by following these steps:
- Ensure you installed Sweet Home 3D from its installer (not with Java Web Start).
- Remove the file named Furniture.jar from Sweet Home 3D installed files. Under Windows and Linux, this file can be found in the lib subdirectory of Sweet Home 3D installation directory

I'm running xubuntu 16.04, with Java 8. I can't get the downloaded file to run by double clicking or with the command line, so I installed it through the software manager, and it's running great. However, I have searched everywhere and can't find the Furniture.jre file to delete.

(I can find it easily in the downloaded files - but not in the version that installs and runs.)