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Posted by okh at Mar 22, 2017, 4:59:55 PM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
Never said thanks for this. ID field is greatly appreciated. So thanks.

But also - a special thanks for the SVG input field. It is ever so nice to have the SVG path light up in red to tell you about typos. Actually, I would really have wished for that in my normal editor. Not that I ever make typos, of course ... smile


PS It really would be nice if the FurnitureLibraryEditor (also with the extra fields for doors/windows/light-sources) at some point were included as an Advanced Model Option in SH3D itself. It would save some model-making time and would increase the power of SH3D enormously. But I also understand your hesitation when it comes to the interface. And I guess I am repeating myself...