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Posted by Indigo30 at Mar 5, 2017, 7:56:40 PM
Re: Help! I raised the elevation of my house but can't raise the walls.
Thanks much for the quick response. I don't understand why I needed to create a new level. But I did change the base elevation for my first floor to 30" and it did the trick, except all of my furniture, doors, windows, everything is elevated above the floor level.

I tried grouping everything and changing the elevation to 0 but it is still all elevated. I can do one piece at a time, or I guess group a few things to change them... unless you know of an easier way.

Another question... is there a way to move things from one level to another? I made the mistake of adding roofs and dormers and porches, etc. to the 1st floor level at higher elevations instead of using different levels. Also have some furniture on the 1st floor that needs to be on the 2nd floor.

Thanks, Marsha