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Posted by bantar at Feb 7, 2017, 11:09:59 PM
Re: Print to Scale to PDF without Pagination
I'm using Windows. I do think it is using the selected paper size (letter) and thus I'm getting 30 pages of output. The desired output is all on a single page, especially since PDF can support such large sizes. I select the desired scale and then see what is output vs wanting to select a specific size. Once the file is printed to PDF, I can then let that program paginate if I need to print on smaller paper sizes.

I think my print store uses a printer such as HP DesignJet T830 which prints 36-in (914-mm) wide by very long prints (only limited by the length of paper on a spool). I recently printed a 30-in x 84-in print there. Likely, we need a new paper size possibly called Large Format with a paper size of, let's say, 36" x 72" or infinite even. Because I don't have such a printer attached, it is not a selectable size.