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Posted by Puybaret at Feb 3, 2017, 6:08:47 PM
Re: Rendering on Windows Server 2008 Possible?
Note that Java 3D 1.6 allows also to run ConsolePhotoGenerator on a Linux server with no X11 Display, if you set the j3d.rend system property to noop .
If you use Sweet Home 3D 5.4, please follow the following instructions:
- Install JDK
- Copy / paste ConsolePhotoGenerator class to a file named
- Download SweetHome3D-5.4jar, sunflow-0.07.3i.jar, j3dcore.jar, j3dutils.jar, vecmath.jar and batik-svgpathparser-1.7.jar

- Compile with the following command:
javac -cp SweetHome3D-5.4.jar:sunflow-0.07.3i.jar -d .

- To generate the file photo.png of a home stored in the file home.sh3d , run the command:
java -Dj3d.rend=noop -cp .:SweetHome3D-5.4.jar:sunflow-0.07.3i.jar:j3dcore.jar:vecmath.jar:j3dutils.jar:batik-svgpathparser-1.7.jar com.eteks.sweethome3d.utilities.ConsolePhotoGenerator home.sh3d photo.png

[Updated links on 2020/03/02 after source code moved from CVS to SVN]
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer