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Posted by rhawke at Jan 3, 2017, 12:36:49 AM
Re: Export to HTML5 plug-in
Hi Emmanuel,

Do you think at some point in the future this plugin could be enhanced to add WebVR functionality? I have tried the obj2vr app and while it looked promising, there are bugs and issues (mainly the flipped objects, minimum viewing distance and lighting). It appears like it is not being developed anymore. I also tried uploading to Sketchfab since they use WebVR but it is difficult to get the same great sky textures and lighting options as in Sweet Home 3D. The rooms just don't look as good.

This is the link to the WebVR project:

I have recently used a few apps that have WebVR enabled and it is already at a very usable level despite the beta status.

Or are there any other recommendations on how to view homes with VR?