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Posted by bdfd at Nov 9, 2016 5:57:51 AM
Re: 2040 : Mars Two
Yum! These small rocks look like chocolate truffles!

Oh yes Lady Vero: "un coup de Mars et ├ža repart..." laughing

D 248

You have seen the survival module in details, now go to the rover.
Remember the technical specifications HERE

1920 x 1080 in Q4 with R1.3.2 in 00h24mn

There are third parts Inside the rover:
1. Pilot's corner ~3m3 (you see Cdr's hairs on the top of armchair).
2. third Passengers place ~5 m3

1920 x 1080 in Q4 with R1.3.2 in 00h19mn

3. Rear accomodation place ~12 m3 (seen later)
only 6.1.2 and nothing else - W10 64b