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Re: 2040 : Mars Two

Exploration Day 01 : After 10 km, first stop for the night at the edge of Ares Vallis (the feet are placed).

Samples have been made and stored for later analysis.

Each module has its own fuel cell.
The solar panels are present for refilling.

Here is the map (in false colors) for this first step.

1920 x 1024 in Q4

Taytay Crater is an impact crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 0.37° N and 19.65° W along of Ares Vallis.
Near martian equator, temperatures are sweeter.
It is 18.4 km in diameter and was named after Taytay Philippines.
only 6.1.2 and nothing else - W10 64b