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Re: 2040 : Mars Two
Yes Manu, what does 'Goo...e' say ? laughing

Mars: fourth rock after the sun, between () Earth to compare,
Radius: 3,396 km (6,378)
Distance: 1.5237 AU (1)
Rotation: 24h37mn (23h59)
Period: 686.96 days (365.25)
Gravity: 3.71 m/s (9.81)
Excentricity : 0.0934° (0.0167)
Inclination : 1.85° (0.0001)
Obliquity: 25°19'=> four seasons (23°26')
Satelittes: 2, Phobos & Deimos (Moon)

Risk of big winds : All is anchored on martian ground but dusty is little, be careful for joins.

Radiations: 2 sorts, solar and extra-solar.
A special part of Habmod contains a strong tank which produce magnetic field which protects the crew when there is an alert.

Components can be found in Mars atmosphere:
CO² which becomes O²
CH4 or H²O becomes H²...

Components can be found in Mars underground:
Ice, salted water, mineral salts, ...

Little technical spécifications of the updated solar module.

Mars two has two main solar modules, one for base camp and the second for the future reactor (which will make propellant to MRV).
only 6.1.2 and nothing else - W10 64b