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Posted by mazoola at Oct 2, 2016, 2:08:08 PM
Re: Sketchup furniture objects frequently lose a lot of detail on import. Is that normal?
I have noticed that when I import objects from [SketchUp], they frequently lose a lot of detail.

Kevin -

Could you explain in a little more detail what problem you're having -- possibly with examples? The reason I ask is there should be no reason for you to be losing detail moving from SketchUp to SH3D. However, there *are* a number of other that may be issues tripping you up, some of which could conceivably appear to be loss of detail. (I've been working on a guide to creating objects in SketchUp for use in SH3D, um, for some time, now. You can see some examples of models I built in SketchUp and rendered in SH3D in this thread, which I hope is proof you can use SketchUp-originated objects in SH3D with no loss of detail.)


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