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Posted by okh at Aug 10, 2016, 11:06:46 AM
Re: Cut glass
Hei Lars,

Seems many estate agents (here) tend to use these cut-off-wall presentations of properties. As Maz says, SH3D cannot cut the (window) models in half. A half window/door model is easy enough to make. Not sure how useful such models would be, though. If you want a similar cut-off presentation, you could:
1) set wall height to 150cm (or something),
2) use invisible windows that just cut the opening.
(to make a door/window invisible, use the service hatch or some other door/window and set the frame material to invisible with Modify furniture > Modify materials). You will not see the frame or window-pane, but imho the effect is close enough. So close that there may not be a need for "half" windows in the collection.

That said, the 3D exporter/viewer will allow you a more detailed and accurate view online, for instance thread 6956 and the 3D view (using the Exported homes manager).

Nevertheless, here is a very quick mock-up of a half-window (toggle invisibility/colour of elements - you still need to adjust wall height, though):

SourceForge 3D models 399: Window cut half.


PS - engelsken din er glimrende, den smile, men det er mulig å spørre på norsk også i forum for fremmespråklige ...