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Posted by lcgamboa at Jun 3, 2016, 4:02:41 PM
Re: Export to HTML5 plug-in
Of course, I will distribute the script in GLP, when a finish it. (there are some bugs to fix yet)

I asked about lighting support in HTML viewer because the webgl has support to it. There are some nice examples of webgl lighting on the web.

Looking the plugin code, I think that remove HomeXMLFileRecorder.INCLUDE_VIEWER_DATA flag, only for HomeLight in my case, will solve the problem.

About the SweetHome3DJS and SweetHome3D XML format is exactly what had thought.

I agree that SweetHome3DJS XML format (added with the lamp color and power ) plus the obj+mtl files is the best choice for blender export.

About export in DAE/Collada format for now I think you should focus on sweethome 3d. After you import the file XML+obj+mtl in blender(or other software) they can be converted to other formats.

Thank you for the help.