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Posted by okh at Mar 14, 2016 10:56:35 AM
Re: high quality pictures at night - outside
Looking very much forward to any report on any result you might get.

There are some open geodata repositories in different countries. Unfortunately the ones I have tried are annoyingly difficult to extract and convert to terrain objects. But that may just be me.

In a perfect world, the EU would succeed with the Open Data policies to an extent where SH3D (a plugin) could extract general terrain based on the compass location (even if I have few expectations this will happen any time soon smile).

IF so, however, the SH3D (location) compass should probably allow for higher accuracy than the three digit Lat/Long. If my rough estimation does not let me down, the three digit location implies a possible North/South inaccuracy of some 111,12 metres. Plenty good enough for sun rendering, but not sufficient for accurate geodata. It goes without saying that this hardly is a priority wish.