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Posted by Miry91 at Mar 9, 2016, 9:16:38 PM
Re: Shape Generator plug-in
Although it requires that you prepare your shape coordinates in advance, this new plug-in is terrific! It makes my terrain look much more like a real terrain than the sloped walls I used previously as a workaround.

I noticed that if you do not follow the corners orders indicated but enter the basis corner coordinates iso the top corner once, the created shape is an empty (open) box.
Might be worth for some specific furnitures.

Because dealing with coordinates quite boresome and not very handy in SH3D (whose philosophy is simplicity based), for easier use of this plug-in, is it possible (in order of usefulness, I think) to:
- have the mouse pointer coordinates displayed (on the rule axes for instance) to avoid creating gaps with nearby walls or other shapes,
- have a properties info box to display already created coordinates (useful when coming back on project after you have sent your previous mapping notes to trash, to be able to create adjacent shapes to the existing ones)
- have a dialog box to change the coordinates after the shape is created (iso being able to make length/width/height changes only, not shape adjustments)
- have a "duplicate X and Y coordinates" button to press once you entered the 4 first corner coordinates, to only have to enter the Z coordinates of the basis in most cases.

Many thanks again to Emmanuel and long live this plug-in and its future updates.

Miry / Yann