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Posted by okh at Mar 6, 2016, 10:13:47 AM
Re: Shape Generator plug-in
Very useful. I really like this approach. Great potential for lots of different simple geometry objects: sloping walls, roofs, terrains - just to mention a couple.
  • For some reason, double-clicking ShapeGenerator-1.1.sh3p (5.2a, win 8.1) launched the info in SH3D saying the plug-in had been installed, but just put an empty file with correct name in ...\eTeks\Sweet Home 3D\plugins. And the plug-in did not show in the Help-Libraries list. Putting the file there manually worked, though.
  • I suppose the target group primarily is users who do not resort to other software to create objects. In which case, it might be interesting to see how it works with different users after a while. I suspect the user interface may be a bit daunting to the numerically challenged. But I also have no immediate ideas as to how to improve the interface:

    • Ideally, the points could be moved along xyz in the left window (but I guess that may not be that easy to implement).
    • Maybe a couple of pre-sets? Roof and sloping terrain being the most obvious judging by forum requests.

  • If so, maybe a proportional scaling of all points (at least if I am right about the texture scaling):
  • Trying to figure out how textures are mapped on to the surface, it seems to me that textures are mapped to 100×100 cm (of the initial size of the generated shape and will scale up)?
  • Maybe, maybe, a generate shape as Door/window (i.e. with cutout) could be useful as it would save the user the job of exporting/importing?
Certainly a must-have plug-in, shall be looking forward to see what becomes of it and how it is used. ok