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Posted by Puybaret at Mar 5, 2016, 12:51:45 PM
Shape Generator plug-in

I'm pleased to propose the new Shape Generator plug-in that will allow you to create a white 3D shape with 8 vertices which coordinates can be directly entered by the user. Once this plug-in is installed, the following dialog box is shown by the additional Tools > Generate 3D shape menu item (en français, le menu Outils > Générer forme 3D):

For those among you who are not against thinking in a 3D coordinates space, this plug-in should allow to create all kind of simple objects from Sweet Home 3D: triangles, pyramids, beams, terrain parts, roof parts...
The coordinates are stored from a call of the plug-in to the next, to let you adjust a shape you would have wrongly designed or if you want to create a new shape from the previous one. The Reset coordinates button will reset the values of the 8 vertices to the ones of a 100 cm or 3 ft cube.
Note that it provides also a Transparency slider to create half transparent shapes and that the generated shape comes with texture coordinates.

Hope you'll like it. Make your imagination work and feel free to show various arrangements you'll succeed to design with this plugin! smile

Thanks to Yann for providing the base idea of this plug-in and Dorin for programming a 3D preview in version 1.2.

Download links for Shape Generator plug-in:
Shape Generator plug-in 1.2 was released on 11/21/2020 to add a 3D preview
Shape Generator plug-in 1.1 was released on 03/06/2016
Shape Generator plug-in 1.0 was released on 03/05/2016
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer