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Posted by Puybaret at Mar 5, 2016, 10:24:48 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.2
I updated the bucket size to 64 because I read it was a good default value. Actually, I hope it's better than 32, not only for the speed. wink

By the way, about the problems you reported when you updated to version 5.2:
When using the click-and-drag method of changing Virtual Visitor eye height in the 2D window, the Visitor icon shrinks as it is lowered
There was no change in this behavior (for reasonable height values, the visitor size is supposed to match the size of the human with the eyes at the same elevation as the camera), but I know I should find a better solution. Actually the indicators at the border of the visitor have an higher priority when the mouse pointer is placed on them, making the center zone used to move the visitor too small in some cases.

The 3D window (in Virtual Visitor mode, at least; I haven't tested it in Aerial View) often fails to update or takes an inordinately long time to update.
Maybe you unchecked the Adjust eyes elevation according to selected level option available in the virtual visitor modification pane when there's more than a level in a home?

after I open the furniture properties window, especially for a complex model, when I go to close it SH3D often takes an unusually long amount of time to do so -- even if no changes have been made.
Did you notice it was longer than with previous versions? Maybe the home you design becomes quite large, and as you're under a 32 bit system, it won't be possible to use much more RAM for the program.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer