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Posted by mazoola at Mar 3, 2016 9:31:48 AM
Re: high quality pictures at night - outside
Ok -

Coincidentally, I recently slipped a Norwegian Easter egg into my current plans.

So when I put 'international cover model' in my cv, I'm telling the truth. Kinda.

That's probably as close to Norway as I've ever come. (No, wait: I spent a few hours in Malmö many years ago, so if I squinted I probably could have seen it.) However, I am re-[re-re-re-]reading all of Jo Nesbø's works — well, at least those not pertaining to farts — yet again, so at least this American knows where to find Norwegia on the globe. wink


P.S. I can sympathize with your HHGTTG audio woes: For a number of years, I managed to get by with an almostcomplete set of radio dubs I'd made. Then, some 20-odd years ago, I was most delighted to find a copy of the [by then already out-of-print] BBC/Mind's Eye cassettes, which I immediately and painstakingly transferred to CD. Fortunately, since then the BBC has released two excellent boxed sets, one containing the original two shows and one including the three later, posthumous series.

However, greatest HHGTTG bragging rights go to a friend of mine from university, who somehow managed to get one of the 640 tickets available to the first staged production at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts in May 1979. Only 80 audience members could attend each day, as the production was performed at various locations inside the ICA, with the audience, seated on a massive industrial hover lift, moved by stagehands from scene to scene.

Oh, BTW, the Infocom HHGTTG adventure game is available online, thanks to the BBC.