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Posted by okh at Feb 27, 2016 4:21:37 PM
Re: high quality pictures at night - outside
Hmmm, this got my attention. My curiosity is primarily related to what kind of accuracy you can get with the tools you mention. As I need an accuracy of < 1 m contour lines for my actual projects with terrain, I have usually outlined 3D terrain based on accurate maps with the help of a laser measure. But it is not a favourite task.

Your file, however, looks as if you have generated a pretty high accuracy - higher than what is possible with say Sketchup+Google Earth terrain. And I agree that textures with tiled terrain is generally depressing, but it is possible to get away with a pretty good look with reasonably small (seamless) texture files.


PS - Of course, I also agree that the horizon/sky textuure is useless for generating light/shadow and general atmosphere. But I will still need a horizon to show mountains in the distance, but as you say, that is probably less of an issue in Denmark... And the curved forest-lines (and cliffs/rocks) for backgrounds can still be useful as they will render quite nicely, because they will also shade fairly nicely with sunlight renderings.