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Posted by Ceciliabr at Feb 25, 2016 6:44:44 PM
Re: high quality pictures at night - outside
I have made a couple of renderings to illustrate the Depth of Field - options.
The distance is obviously centimeters, measured (I think) from the center of the circle ( on your camera-avatar), to the object ( or the part of the object) you want to be in focus. To find the exact distance, you can use the "Create dimensions"-tool – which is actually a tape measure.

Two renderings:

Distance: 130
Lens = 2

Distance = 130
Lens = 5

So, obviously a higher lens value gives a shallower depth of field.

Of course you will have to select "Depth of Field" from the Lens roll-down-menu for the settings to have any effect.

... and about "cheating" with lighting-effects, I will start a new thread: It might be of general interest...