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Posted by okh at Feb 25, 2016 2:40:49 PM
Re: How to export elements from SH3D file and import to SH3F
in the meantime I've played with sh3d file, and have opened it with 7zip as archive file. I've found many folders...
Of course, that is the quicker way if you know what you are doing, even if it is harder to select the objects you want.

By the way, your .sh3f file is pretty big - Curtain N061012.gsm at >50% of total - and the model Curtain N061012.3DS is relatively simple in its geometry. None of my business, and it may not matter to you if you are one of those multi-core-unlimited-cpu types, but I would probably ditch that model as it is likely to bloat your files and impair performance. But then, I am a purist. Also, none of my business, but be careful so you do not post links to models with copyright restrictions. If you have such in your .sh3f file, I would be careful to remove them (or remove the file entirely).