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Posted by okh at Feb 25, 2016 2:03:51 PM
Re: How to export elements from SH3D file and import to SH3F
Hi - some of the roofs are already in a library (roofs_bnl.sh3f), but as it says in the post, the library was not updated with the latest changes and additions (which you can find in file roofs_bnl_dormers_extra.sh3d). Few people asked for a library (guess they only need a few elements). Also, as you have noticed, they are pretty simple roof elements as simplicity made it easier to compile a greater variety of roof shapes.

If you need something more fancy, it is also not that hard to create your own, see:
Blog: How to design a sloping ceiling with a window,
hansmex' tutorial,
Arun's roof turorial.

You are welcome to include any roof element in a .sh3f file if you like. You will need to export the files one by one from SH3D (or several elements joined together the way you want them), but you can import several at the same time in the Furniture Library Editor. The file size of each file will increase (roof texture will be saved as .png), but probably not by much.

Do post or let me know whether they work out - or if something is missing. Good luck.


PS I cannot remember off-hand, but some of the roofs could possibly suffer from a bleed-through when rendering (double faces and normal and such...) - but I think they should be fine, at least the latest ones in roofs_bnl_dormers_extra.sh3d.