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Posted by bartleby at Feb 23, 2016 8:06:52 PM
Re: high quality pictures at night - outside
hm.... moonlight and streetlights are nice ideas. hope i wont need them too much, feels a bit like cheating :). but maybe a function to add a bit backgroundlight would make things easier (like with the ceiling light - even though i dont need it anymore, enough light *g*).

today rendering worked quite like it should, think main problem was the "path". it was frustrating that my smaller previewpictures with same qualitysettings were much brighter.

today i testet "causticsPhotons" with 1.000.000. gave some white artefacts. i have no clue what this setting really makes. maybe because of my bad english.

also nowhere the filters are explained.

what does "normalLens.focusDistance" or "normalLens.radius"?
is it usefull to change those?

i will see if i can upload some pictures.

between - why is it good to set AA indoor to "0-4"? why not... well.. 4-4 or 5-5?
why should AA be lower at night (saw that tip in the forum).