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Posted by bartleby at Feb 23, 2016 7:22:09 AM
confused   high quality pictures at night - outside
hello again,

atm i am trying to see how our project looks like at night (version 5.2).

now... inside 0-4 aa looks quite good an with path activated slightly better.

but when i try to make a picture i have problems if i want more pixel (tried 3000) or best quality - picture is getting really really dark, nearly black. with lower pixel (200-1000) and/or just "better" qualitysettings everything looks as expected.
i would like to render one outsideview with perhaps 3400 pixel to be able to print it a least on DIN A3.

sadly can't upload pictures to the forum and dont want to us something like dropbox. in our company we got last year a nice virus from there ;).
atm. a renderingtest last with 12 cores 3+ hours - so i just canceled many tests after 2 hours (would be great i you could save the current picture if you stop the rendering).

second problem is that i have no clue what the other settings do:
- where are those filters explained (adv. rendering)?
- what do all the other settings really do?
- which settings are recommended?