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Posted by mazoola at Feb 12, 2016, 6:50:06 PM
Re: Toggle visibility INSIDE grouped items
The translucent bounding box idea sounds promising -- although I'm not sue how it would work with a situation like the one OK mentions with the multiple states of a single item. Showing both visible and invisible group members sounds like it could be confusing, while showing only the visible ones doesn't answer the problem that started you down this path (i.e., possible confusion from bounding box larger than visible items).

I am definitely a supporter of being able to toggle visibility of objects in a group without having to explode the group. Personally, I think making the bounding box as large as its maximum possible size regardless of the visibility of objects contained shouldn't be too confusing. I also like the touch of having the group go invisible if all contents items go invisible.

Reluctantly, I'd have to say the inverse does not hold: Togging visibility on a group should leave its contents unchanged. This might seem illogical when toggling an all-invisible group to visibility at the group level, and I'd entertain an argument to toggle all group items on in this case only, but I'd prefer SH3D not change group member visibility at all.