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Posted by Puybaret at Jan 22, 2016, 1:06:43 PM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
LunaC, don't use preferences settings to give the translation of the 3D models you added to your library. The language setting in preferences is used just to change the language used in the user interface of the Editor, nothing else.
You should rather choose the language in the dropped down list shown in the tool bar of the icon. This list provides all kind of languages, possibly with their variant in some countries. When you select a language different from the Default language, the Editor prepares an additional properties file in the sh3f file for that language, suffixed by language + country codes (for example, for English UK variant, or for default German). Then, all the modifications you make on the name, category, keywords and information of the edited models will be considered to be in the selected language (and stored in that suffixed file). If you want to edit the models in the default language again, just select Default language. See the simple example attached to this post.
You can prepare how many translations and variants as you want for your library. For example, Sweet Home 3D models libraries are proposed in 21 languages, with country variants for Chinese and Portuguese languages. When a library is translated in a certain language, it appears in bold in the language dropped down list.

Note that if you want to force a country in Sweet Home 3D that is not yours, you can use the Java option followed by 2 capital letters ISO 3166 country code. For Australia, it will be:

About your feature requests, note that you can find more easily a model in the current version by sorting the library by name, category... when you click on its column header.
If the icon got bigger when you enlarge its column, the row should grow accordingly, a reason why I don't think I'll program this feature. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a tool tip displays the icon of a model at a bigger size when you place the mouse on its icon.
Attachment Box.sh3f (2349 bytes) (Download count: 367) (A simple library with UK variant)

Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer