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Posted by lilalur at Dec 19, 2015 11:57:38 PM
Re: Floordrob, chairdrob, rubish and mesh
Thanks. Since these few weeks I was explored the 3D warehouse and I found many really nice models. I see how you mean watch out the size. Some huge one makes my renders slow as hell.

I still can't find any of my original wish (clothes on the ground like a drop down shirt or trousers) I tried to watch in collections as most of the search just gave me unrelated results... actually finding a single office chair is hard when you just put in office chair, you should work hard for the better ones ;).

The question or wish is still alive: Can you give me a hint where can I find some drop down clothes (even if you found some in the warehouse and can drop me with a link I would be thankful)
And of course thanks for the tips I learned a lot from you guys.