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Posted by okh at Nov 26, 2015 9:14:11 AM
Re: Floordrob, chairdrob, rubish and mesh
The thought has struck me too! Somehow even the original teenager room looks beautiful in the drawing. However, to me that is a bit of a relief. I am sure you could find stuff in the 3D warehouse if you look for specific stuff.

Just designing a closet in a utility room now, it may also have a washing machine and a sewing machine. But the key point was to calculate the doors to be designed in MDF and where to place the doors/opening so there is sufficient room for suitcases, hanging suits and dresses and place plastic storage boxes. In short, make the closet work for tidying things up...

Put some models I made for this in SF 3D models 379 - file called tidy.sh3d