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Posted by slimpy at Sep 10, 2015 12:56:58 PM
Re: Reality Check
Hi Anh─Éinh

Sorry for the late reply.

I think the key difference between our lamp models is that I don't rely on the shininess property of the object.
Instead, my lamp makes use of the sweethome3d_window_mirror prefix.

If the name of an object (group) in a model (e.g. the lamp) starts with sweethome3d_window_mirror, SH3D will render the object surface as a mirror (only in photo creation at the two best levels).

The mirror model in the stock furniture catalog is a good example for this feature. The following is the OBJ File of that model with the g property (object, group name) set to sweethome3d_window_mirror
# Blender3D v245 OBJ File: mirror.blend
# Modelled by Emmanuel Puybaret / eTeks under Blender 3d modeller for SweetHome3D
# This file is under Free Art License, see for more informations
mtllib mirror.mtl
v 20.066208 19.999985 -0.231418
v 20.066208 -19.999994 -0.231418
g sweethome3d_window_mirror
usemtl Material_mirror.jpg
s off
f 1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4

See also here.

Best, slimpy