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Posted by okh at Aug 26, 2015 9:46:22 AM
Re: Multiple Suggestions <3
Useful link, showing that the standardized round numbers are similar in Europe and the US, but not the same. And there are some pitfalls when fitting a kitchen.

For instance, in Europe base cabinets are often standardised to:
60 cm (23,62") deep (some 56 cm, 22,05")
88 cm (34,65") tall (including legs/support)
40/60/80cm wide.
In the US, apparently, the similar base cabinet would be 24" (60,96 cm) deep and so on. In short, a model found online could be similar, but not accurate.

Dishwashers, sinks, cooktops etc. are usually sized to fit inside standardised elements. Worktops here usually come in 60-63 cm depths, wall cabinets some 30 to 40 cm deep in different heights. More important, there are minimum safety requirements for the distance between the cooktop and wall cabinet / extractor hood (which means it may be impossible to use the tallest wall-cabinets if ceiling space is insufficient).

However, these standards must be taken with a pinch of salt as many suppliers use non-standard dimensions. One local supplier uses worktops/base cabinet depth of 75 for more work-space/storage; another supplier uses 50 cm depth for more floor-space in confined spaces. Also, an international, Scandinavian supplier of kitchens, uses different dimensions in the US and Europe. Brits who visit the US site to get inches, may find that the local store will deliver different dimensions for their kitchen elements.

As a couple of mm can make the difference between a perfect fit and lots of extra construction, it is worthwhile doing an extra check to get accurate measurements for SH3D elements. And this is especially important when combining kitchen elements from different suppliers, such as a nice work-top from one and base cabinets from another.

SH3D is extremely useful for kitchen decoration (and more useful than some of the kitchen planners on suppliers' websites) provided you can find the right models online. It can be a good idea first to size the kitchen elements correctly, use move with SHIFT-CTRL to place and then Furniture-Align side by side to get the correct fit.