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Posted by Vkbear0 at Jul 31, 2015 1:40:46 AM
biggrin   Multiple Suggestions <3
Hello users! I am absolultely in love with this program. I play with this as a hobby (not a profession). I been using this for nearly a year! So far I have noticed these things on my wishlist could come extremely handy. I apologize to developers who may be overloaded with this large list of mine. biggrin

1. Crown Molding + Floor Molding
I noticed that they have the floor one done. However, I do wish that they could make the top of the wall option as well.

2. Guide to average sizes of utilites?
I feel that it would be an excellent use to the users to know default sizes of anything they put into their house. What you think?

3. More Ceiling Options
For Example:
Beveled ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling


4.Automatic Railing Generator
I would enjoy the option of creating a floor with a chosen side to have railing. It becomes handy for lofts, balconies, and decks. smile

5. Skylight/Glass floor option
I'm not really sure how else to explain this. But I want this option badly as well. Including it into a automatic roofing generator would be excellent as well.

Thank you for reading this! blushing
-The Hobbyist