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Posted by okh at Jun 24, 2015, 12:38:08 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
Yes, great. Would not mind export selection only to SVG, but it is of course easy to copy to an empty file.

FYI: As for fonts, I do not worry too much. Kind of would have liked html formatting (for myself, that is - I guess it would be fairly useless for most users). A pleasant surprise was that characters like: ° ± © ™ ª « ¬ ® work well. Some however, display only in 3d view, like: ↑ ∼ ∠ ♣. I also noticed:
1) Symbol (alternate char) fonts do not display (2d&3d).
2) Long strings make 3d font quality deteriorate.
Not going to pose any problems for me in practice.


Win 8.1
Version 5.0 Beta 9 Java version 1.8.0_45 / 32 bit / 0.6 GB max