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Posted by okh at Jun 16, 2015, 3:29:06 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
two levels same elevation - which both have textured/coloured floors, it seems the 'lower' texture shines through in the 2D plan and takes precedence in the 3D plan (if added later).
In the layer logic, it's not intented and should be fixed in Beta 7
In the 3D pane, the 'upper' texture now covers the lower. In the 2D pane, there is still a bleed-through of textures from two rooms on different levels, same elevation, which I don't mind. But what could be slightly confusing, is that when the 'upper' level is active, it is still possible to edit the geometry of the rooms on both same-elevation levels. Probably not a big problem in practice. But if a separate 'layer' is kept for dimensions, including a 'room' for the entire building, there may confusion if someone thinks they are editing the rooms on the 'layer' above (but manage to move points for the room for the entire building).

I have been cutting and pasting like crazy, styles, groups. Everything works perfectly as far as I can tell. I see that if an object from one level is copied to a group on another level, the level is kept. I.e. the object is not moved. This is probably the way it should be. However, it also means that it is possible to have the group on one level, and all the group elements on another level. So the group could be on a hidden level, disappear from the 2D pane and the furniture list, but the elements still be visible in the 3D view. Not sure it matters, but cross-level groups is a bit dangerous (but then, I learnt early to avoid that in order not to confuse myself).

As usual, your attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Will keep trying to find stuff (probably increasing confusion instead of helping, professional problem I guess). So bottom line is that, honestly, there is nothing in Beta 7 so far that I cannot live with. In fact, I edit my serious projects in the beta versions without worry. All in all - v 5.0 is really looking good, very nice improvements.