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Posted by mazoola at Jun 16, 2015, 9:25:57 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
Not complaining about the web start, just commenting on my remarkable cluelessness for so long. smile

With Beta7, whatever you didn't do to wall heights in Beta6 got undone: They behave as anticipated. I suspect I'm doing things to sh3d I shouldn't -- including models with far too many triangles, perhaps -- because I keep running into such weirdness as misbehaving sloping walls or doorway-spanning baseboards. (I haven't been able to generate any sort of render for a while, now, presumably for lack of memory; I assume I'll have to chop the plan into individual floors and render in pieces, again. I'd hoped moving to 64-bit OS would fix the problem, but to no avail. BTW, under Windows 10, sh3d never seems to identify the architecture correctly and always sets up for a 640 Mb heap. I finally edited the jnlp file to force a 2Gb heap, but I'm not sure if the appropriate 3D library is loading.)

At this point, I don't remember how you treated invisible members of a partially visible group in earlier versions of the beta; however you did didn't seem all that confusing to me. I think you ignored them -- that is, you sized the group box to fit only the visible members. Actually, I'm pretty sure you did; typically, I was disabling members in the center of the group, but I seem to recall having the group box expand and contract as I activated/deactivated items on its periphery. As I said, it didn't seem all that confusing to me -- but I was using it for a narrowly defined application. And, frankly, it's never occurred to me to resize a group, so I never stumbled across that potentially confusing situation....