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Posted by mazoola at Jun 16, 2015, 2:54:57 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
It only just now dawned on me the web launcher always loads the most recent beta, so my careful attempts to isolate, say, Beta2 from Beta6 were pointless. Explains a few things, though...

I'm sorry to see the 'visible and invisible objects in group' feature I was so happy to find in Beta2 disappear in more recent versions. straight face I like being able to group together a large batch of light sources and fine tune them without having to ungroup them first -- and risk having them sprinkled across the plan. It was also nice to be able to make the entire group invisible, even if later making it visible made all the objects in the group visible, as well.

I've been fighting a perplexing problem regarding wall heights, but finally stumbled across what I think is a workaround, at least. [I take that back: it's *partially* a workaround.] And, of course, I can't duplicate it in a test plan -- only in my production file. Basically, a split wall sloping upwards from 4' to 10' across one segment and downwards from 10' to 4' on the second actually slopes from 4' to (10' + floor thickness) on segment one and from 10' to (4' + floor thickness) on segment two; that is, whenever a wall slopes, the 'height at end' is equal to the requested height plus the current floor thickness. This problem seemingly first appeared with Beta6 (possibly Beta5) and now affects all sloping walls in my plan. Again, though, I can't duplicate this in a file created under Beta6.