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Posted by okh at Jun 9, 2015, 8:30:55 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
..regression in Export to OBJ format feature..-
Thanks, and no worries. Hardly a problem. It is the first time I have ever come across something in a SH3D beta that impedes (my) usage (albeit not a central one). And that really is impressive. I have done beta tests (of simpler software) that have taken down networks and killed off operating systems for good. Beta testing SH3D is a very safe exercise. Good luck with finalising.
..Add point to room and Delete point from room...
No secret that I would wish for access to more properties in the Modify furniture dialogue (even if it means in interface disturbance). But the room-points editing is an interesting example. Adding SVG cut-outs suddenly became slightly less important. Now it is tempting to adjust the room instead of going back to the Furniture Library Editor and adjust the SVG. Easier just to fix the room. As long as there is no button that lets the user edit the full range of properties. Just one button that opened the text file with properties, now that would be fantastic for users who want control (everyone else could be warned off). ok