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Posted by okh at Jun 4, 2015, 2:14:26 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
Small wish: would it be possible that the O= sign to indicate same elevation levels, could also serve as a visible/invisible switch? Standard symbol = visible.
- Yes, Show/Hide button/checkbox would be useful on level tabs. For consistency maybe on all the level tabs (as all types of levels can be hidden) not just the 'layers'. Or context menu, as mentioned above.
- And actually, maybe it could be kind of nice to be able to edit the table (Summary of levels) for all different level values. I.e. remove the top fields and just edit the table.
- I feel a bit ambiguous about the O= sign. It sort of comes to denote 'layer', but if you have A level Ground Floor and a level with Plot Dimensions sorted below that (to keep it away from the other levels), The Ground Floor gets the O= sign, logically enough, but it makes the Ground Floor look like a 'layer' on the Dimensions tab. Nothing I cannot get used to, but, well, it looks a bit messy. Maybe a more subtle indication (underscore/italics)...(?) Maybe the reverse, that every level that in fact was above the previous got an up arrow? Or maybe no indication at all?