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Posted by okh at May 31, 2015, 8:35:33 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
..don't see why a thickness of more than 2 cm should be necessary, and a higher thickness would require an "additional option to colour or texture the top of them"...
Normal baseboards are, of course, rarely thicker than 2 cm, but now that this option is available, other uses are tempting. Wainscoting, panelling on the lower part of the floor, sometimes more. Wall foundations, sometimes more. But also stranger uses. Around our garden there is a thin wooden fence with a concrete foundation 15 cm thick. Would be perfect to make if baseboards (foundation) could be 10 cm. Another colour on top, well, could be nice, but not a must, and methinks not a reason to keep the 'baseboard' thin. Limit the height, well, yes, I guess, but not really a must either. Anyway, the feature really is nice and I have not found any misbehaviour. ok