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Posted by mazoola at May 26, 2015, 3:36:31 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
Baseboards: Much appreciated. I'm very happy not to be hand-positioning baseboard and corner mouldings; I'm hoping it will also reduce somewhat the throw-weight of my plans and the frequency with which my attempts to render crap out. I have a thing against rectangular baseboards in real life, but they look decent enough in the renders. I'd say 80% for appearance (as compared with, um, more molded moulding) and 500% for ease of use -- so a definite win.

However, they don't seem to work correctly with all doors, yet. Treating them as small walls means door depths have to be increased by the depth of the baseboard, which in some cases results in an unnaturally deep door frame protruding from the wall. I haven't tried creating a wall with baseboard and then adding a door, so I'm not sure if the door defaults to (width of wall + width of baseboard(s)), but when adding them to an existing room, I had to hand-tweak every door.

In addition, I couldn't get them to work at all with two doors. One was a slightly unusual import from 3DWarehouse: One of the Kolbe models, it's only framed on one side of the model, which may have confused sh3d's automated SVG knock-out creation. The other was sh3d's standard 'door frame' model, which I could never get to knock out the baseboard.

This probably screws up and/or unnecessarily complicates your 'small wall' model, but my preference would be to treat baseboards as having no depth when calculating door or window cut-through. That is, if (depth of door >= wall thickness) then do not display baseboard.

(I'm also fond of leaving the stub end of walls sticking out. At the moment, these aren't baseboarded automatically, but to do so manually is a trivial fix.)

Do you use so many big textures?

I find I'm using them more and more frequently as I try for more photo-realistic renders. Obviously, it's not that huge a hassle to confirm I do want to use an unadvisedly large texture image -- but on the other hand, I can't imagine ever doing so by mistake, so it would be nice to be able to disable this check.

I'll double-check the two issues I reported with modifying items within a group and see if I can reproduce them with the second beta.