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Posted by Puybaret at May 25, 2015, 7:01:38 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0
The Beta 2 brings... baseboards smile
The room modification pane and wall modification pane were modified to let you select the baseboard you want on the walls around a room, or on each side of a wall.

You can add a baseboard along straight or round walls, choose their height, their thickness, their color/texture or use the same one as the color/texture used for their wall side. Baseboards are cut by doors and windows that intersect the wall along which they are set (actually, baseboards are computed more or less as small walls in the 3D view). Their profile can be only rectangular.
Objects with no elevation are magnetized along baseboards sides instead of walls sides when they are moved around. As soon as their elevation is greater than zero, they will be magnetized along walls sides without taking into account its baseboards.
Baseboards are not drawn in the plan. If ever you think they should be drawn, please give your advice about how they should be represented and why. Maybe I'll change my mind...
One last thing, you can also use baseboard to cover a part of the wall with an other color or texture if you set a big height. That should make it easier to add tiles on top of kitchen cabinets or around a bath.

The warning about large textures works fine. Now can I have a 'preferences' option to disable it? :)
Do you use so many big textures?

The 'modify object in group' function [...] isn't quite ready for prime-time, I fear. I've found two problems: First if you expand a group and select one of its components, you can't always move from object to object correctly. That is, using up- or down-arrow from one item to the next doesn't work;
I paid attention to reprogram up dans down arrow keys to be able to select groups and items in groups, and then select items in previous or following groups, but you seem to have found a case I forgot. Could you test this feature again and detail how to reproduce the issue you encountered?

it appears actions taken against one item within a group may sometimes be applied to all.
I remember I experienced this behavior at a moment, but thought I fixed it correctly. Please, detail steps by steps how to reproduce this issue with a small example using the current beta.

When would the downloadable version of SH3D 5.0 launched?
I generally don't release installers for beta versions. If you're a programmer, you can download the source code from CVS and build one yourself.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer